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Flavours Liquid Automatic Dispensing System

There are various kinds of chemical raw materials, many of which are easy to crust, easy to oxidize, and expensive. The chemical liquid distribution system developed by our company can realize one-stop distribution of liquid raw materials. The types of distributed materials can reach 120. After distribution, they are automatically stirred. The whole process of raw materials is centralized and closed storage, ...

Chemical Liquid Automatic Dispensing System

At present, most factories in China still rely on manual operation in the ingredient process of essence liquid. Manual ingredients exist: the results of small samples are inconsistent with the results of large-scale production, the manual recording of recipes cannot realize computerized information management, the sharing of information and data is poor, and the confidentiality of technical data is poor. The amount of raw materials cannot be managed, the degree of automation is low, the production efficiency is low, and the human...

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Automatic Ink/Paint Dispensing System

Solution characteristics Computer control to eliminate human error; Powerful database to provide more color selection; Planned production and real-time production functions shorten production time; Powerful management function,...

Textile Printing Paste Dispensing System And Auxiliaries Distribution System

The printing and dyeing industry has a large scale of production and a high demand for production efficiency and product quality. The digitalization, automation and intellectualization of production equipment have become the...

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Automated Burdening System for Leather and Synthetic Leather

The characteristics of leather finishing ingredient system are that there are many kinds of color paste and additives, and many materials are easy to crust, oxidize, some of them are expensive. The manual dispensing workload is large, and it is...

Laboratory Sample Dispenser System

Prior to quantity production, color mixing or ingredients need to be proofed in the laboratory. For many years, laboratory proofing has been carried out by manual operation, but this method has been unable to meet the requirements of...

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