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Chemical Liquid Automatic Dispensing System

Description Of Solution Features

There are many kinds of chemical raw materials, many of which are easy to peel, easy to oxidize, expensive, manual deployment of large workload, easy to produce errors resulting in raw material waste. The chemical liquid dispensing system developed by our company can realize one-stop dispensing of liquid raw materials. As many as 120 species of materials are distributed. Automatic mixing of materials after dispensing, the whole process of raw materials in a centralized closed storage, centralized pipeline transportation, effective isolation of air, prevent material from crueling oxidation. Customers generally respond that after using this system, batching efficiency is improved, material waste is reduced and economic benefit is greatly improved.


Chemical Liquid Automatic Dispensing System

System parameters:
1. Large scale distributable weight: 1.5 tons, maximum dispensing accuracy: 10g; (optional)
2. The scale can be distributed weight: 300kg, the highest dispensing accuracy: ±0.5g; (optional)
3. Under the dispensing head add swing arm type electronic scale 32kg full range, the highest dispensing accuracy ±0.1g; (optional)
4. The maximum number of raw materials can be deployed per machine: 120, can be configured according to the actual situation of customers
5. Dispensing valves are circular single point injection with a maximum expansion of 120