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Beijing Golden Color Tech Co., Ltd.

Beijing Golden Color Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2005,Located in the Double Olympic city of Beijing. Is a high-tech company integrating r&d and production. For many years committed to liquid distribution, automation technology and production management software development and production. Products involved in chemical, coating, printing, packaging, printing and dyeing, leather, essence and other fields. Formed a group of experienced professional team, for the majority of domestic and foreign users to provide advanced and practical products and solutions. Our partners all over the world, including Southeast Asia, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa and the Americas and other countries and regions, and set up product agents and after-sales service outlets, Truly do after-sales worry-free.

The company's independent research and development of computer control software, greatly eliminate human error; The company's development of computer control, greatly eliminate human error; Powerful database to provide more color selection; Planned production and real-time production functions shorten production time; Powerful management function, effectively reduce QC operation; Guarantee the accuracy of color matching and improve the reproducibility of color. Rational planning and reduction of stock of raw materials and finished products; Increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs; Ensure accurate production traceability; Reduce pollution and protect environment With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the environmental protection pressure of paint production industry is increasing. Because of the intermediate process of container cleaning and pipeline equipment cleaning, the traditional production mode inevitably produces waste liquids, which require high cost. Ensure accurate production traceability; Reduce pollution and protect environment.

All products can improve production efficiency, improve accuracy, reduce labor, reduce raw material waste, health and environmental protection, and achieve the maximum benefit.

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Beijing Golden Color Tech Co., Ltd. is guided by the business and product concept of “pragmatic innovation, precise and efficient, and overall interconnection” to lead the new trend of digital intelligence and provide advanced technology and comprehensive solutions for the industry.